Hairlines by Vicki

Hairlines by Vicki

I have been a hairstylist since 1980. I worked in high end salons until I was introduced to hair replacement. It is so enjoyable giving people hair and seeing how happy we can make people. I am also great with coloring. I take continued education classes to stay up on the latest styles and color. We make custom hairpieces. We start with a mold of your head and fast drying plaster. We talk with the client to ask what they are looking for, such as the shaped of the hairline. We will make suggestions then draw the lines for the hairpiece and apply the plaster. We add 2 liquid components to pour into the plaster to make your custom mold. We blend hair samples with human hair until the color matches your hair. Then density is discussed. The front hairlines is very important. This is done with single knots and usually starts with light density and a few high lights. On your mold we put the silk base and the lace front. Then one hair at a time is added to the front. Once completed we bleach the knots so they are invisible. The silk base is made with one or two hairs until the desired density. This takes 40-60 hours to complete. There are also different types of knots depending on what part of the hairpiece it is, such as flat knots or split knots. When the hairpiece is done I do the cut in. This is my favorite part. The hair is about 8” all over and I get to create the desired style. Our ventilator is there in case we want more hair added to a spot or a few high light or even a few gray hairs. We generally take about two hours for this process. We don’t like to rush since this is the most important part of your new hairpiece. In the event you don’t want custom, we have clients order stock hairpieces from different companies.

Our clients privacy is very important to us. From our location to our private rooms, your anonymity is a top goal of ours.

We do cut ins, color and hair adds on any hairpiece. We are also available for just a service. This includes removing your hairpiece. It is cleaned and retaped while we shampoo your hair, then cut your hair. Then its time to rebond your hairpiece and style it. You are usually set for 4-6 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows.

We are successful because we are so honest and stand behind our work. We also can add hair while you wait. Most companies force you to have 2 hairpieces so one can be mailed away for hair add. This usually takes 6-8 weeks to get back and you just hope they add the right color hair in the right place. Hair add is charged at $1.oo per minute. If there is a tear or repair there in an additional charge.

You can call us, text us or drop in with questions. We would love to show you what we do. There are several ways to attach your hair piece. We have apx 5 different types of tape and apx 9 different adhesives. Not everyone uses the same products but we will figure out what works best for you.

If you refer a new client to us you receive a complimentary service.